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The Koch Brothers Want To Creep You Out

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Yes we are!
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My new show is coming soon…. Okay not really… Lol! 👍😉 but We are in business Maximum Learning and Consulting! Go Mom! #businesswomen #batman&robin

Fire salsa


"If there’s a bowl of good chips and guacamole … I lose my mind."

- The President of the United States, y’all.  (via washingtonpost)

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Mysterious crater in Siberia probed by scientists
NBC News: A giant hole in Siberia became slightly less mysterious after researchers completed their first survey of it this week.
The scientists say the hole, which is is estimated to be 100 feet across and up to 300 feet deep, is likely to have been formed by the same natural processes that created the many lakes in the area.
The crater sits in Siberia’s Yamal Peninsula, which, in the local language translates to “end of the world.”
Photo: A large crater was reportedly spotted by a helicopter flying over a remote area of Siberia. (The Siberian Times)